The Amazing Anti- Inflammatory Properties of Black Rice

Published on Oct 21, 2010

Inflammation is the human body’s response to the presence of harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses or substances; and it is one of the reasons that the body is able to heal itself. Occasionally, inflammation will become acute or chronic and won’t subside easily (or at all). While there are specific drugs that can be used to treat these conditions, they tend to be expensive and come with possible side effects. The best method for avoiding inflammation is prevention, but until now there weren’t many options to choose from; enter black rice.

While the full results are still being studied, recently conducted research suggests that black rice can protect against (chemically induced and possibly other types of) inflammation. The full breadth of uses and possible applications for Black Rice are still being studied as we speak. Black Rice is proving to be one of the most amazing and beneficial ‘super foods’ available.

This research may very well lead to the possible development of new drugs and / or treatment therapies for a wide range of ailments. In fact, there are more than a few research teams all over the world that are studying the potential medicinal uses of black rice, most of this research will most likely lead to the development of new and safer drugs to treat a wide range of conditions.

Here is an excerpt from a recently published report on the subject:

Feeding mice a standard diet with added 10% black rice bran also significantly suppressed DNFB-induced allergic contact dermatitis on the skin of the mice. By contrast, a non-pigmented brown rice bran extract did not inhibit the TPA-induced edema and failed to significantly suppress production of pro-inflammatory biomarkers (mediators). These in vivo findings further demonstrate the potential value of black rice bran as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic food ingredient and possibly also as a therapeutic agent for the treatment and prevention of diseases associated with chronic inflammation.”

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User Comments

Julee wrote on Jun 18, 2011
awesome super food. love it. eat it everyday. yum!!!

Vangie Sosito wrote on Jun 17, 2011
i felt truly blessed when i read these remarkable and informative articles you have provided, thank you so much.

ULRixLfQpOQGqiB wrote on Jun 17, 2011
tnahks for sharing. always good to find a real expert.

mike wrote on Mar 08, 2011
love this black rice : http://lotusfoods.com/forbidden-rice/p/lot-00210&c=lotusfoods@wholegrain

Catarina D. Mancuso wrote on Mar 12, 2011
i am interested in information about black rice, where to purchase the best bran, and how to cook and use the rice. we do a macrobiotic diet. thank you so much for information.

vickie wrote on May 12, 2011
i heard of black rice...never tried it.....looking forward to trying......is the rice dyed or naturally grown black.

ruXIXzELSslyLJbWPU wrote on Jun 18, 2011
hey, youÂ’re the goto expert. thanks for hnaigng out here.

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wendy wrote on Sep 02, 2011
i just bought the only "black" rice i could find, but it was called frontier rice. is it the same thing?

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jeannnette wrote on Feb 07, 2012
in response to yur question frontier is the name of the company. yes, it is black rice!
i live in brooklyn ny, i get it from a chinese store in manhattan.

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jeff wrote on Mar 05, 2012
haha, just like the pharmaceutical companies to take a natural medicine and try to adulterate it by making pills from it, \"...lead to the possible development of new drugs...\"

Lydia wrote on Mar 20, 2012
i have heard about black rice from my supervisor at work and i have tried it. i will continue to eat it regularly. does anyone know the serving size and how often to eat it to gain from the benefits of black rice?

desai wrote on Mar 23, 2012
i am diabetic since 25 . i came across black rice and tried it .. my eyesight has improved, i am feeling energetic. more confident now i can eat this without tension of having more blood sugar. thanks to this black rice. i

Mollie wrote on Apr 12, 2012
my cousin just shared with me about the goodness of black rice and she actually cooked some black rice for me just 2 days ago.
the taste is awesome and without hesitation i headed to gama to get 2 packets rightaway . i hope some one can answer my question , what is the difference between black rice and pulut hitam .

Michael wrote on Apr 14, 2012
love it! try it with coconut oil or coconut milk and honey, its awesome!

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michael wrote on Apr 23, 2012
were can i find black rice i would like to try it out

jackie wrote on May 26, 2012
as a patient of crohns disease, i am very excited to have found black rice, which i read about some time ago.

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Veronica wrote on Jun 05, 2012
for over three hours i have been trying to cook this horrible black rice. i used 2 cups of black rice and 4 cups of water in my rice cooker, when it finally finished it was like chewing on gravel!! so i added more water and put the rice cooker back on... a total of 5 times now and still this rubbish is not cooked! had i cooked white or brown rice i could have eaten hours ago, but with this silly rubbish black rice i will be up all night long waiting for it to cook right. this is just absurd, don't waste your time with black rice, certainly not if you are hungry and don't want to throw away hours of your life waiting for this silly gimmick of a rice to properly cook.

rice that takes longer to cook than an entire turkey?? very disappointing, never again!

Izabella wrote on Aug 14, 2012
i\'ve just finished eating this wonderful piece of treasure. it was the best rice i\'ve ever eaten. i prepared it according to the instructions on the packet - i put 1 big glass of the rice and three glasses of water into a pot and cooked for cca 45-55 minutes, it was very soft and sticky and soooo delicious. it tastes great even without salt and oil. i ate it with salmon grilled on butter and tomato salad. i highly recommend you this meal, it\'s really outstanding.

Girldawg1 wrote on Aug 18, 2012
found black rice at my local smith's grocery store. was surprised, as it's a small town. was reasonably priced too.

Vie6100 wrote on Aug 26, 2012
tried black rice for the first time this week. a coworker prepared some for me. i bragged to her how fantastic it was. the next day she brought me a bag. cooked some today and we enjoyed it with some good ol' fashion beef stew- lots of veggies. tasted great! looking forward to this being a regular part of our meals.

zpoqVsyPxlulo wrote on Sep 05, 2012
soooo now i have to finish off the white basmati rice i have and buy brown rice from now on!!! i'm a pesorn that goes to the gym 4 days a week and eat whole grain pasta, bread, etc and not to mention i looove my veggies and grapefruit idk why i never thought duh change your rice too!!!!! smh are there any brands of brown rice that you know are good?? preferably similar to basmati rice??

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FIDEL O. CARPESANO wrote on Dec 08, 2012
my problem of bowel movement was gone after three days of eating black rice.so for me black rice is really medicinal food.thank you black rice!!!

Srisamorn Kiczurczak wrote on Apr 05, 2013
it's easy to cook black rice. just soak it overnight first

RAYMOND LARA wrote on May 14, 2013
i have been taking pills for pain and swelling of my knee,,doctors want to replace...after trying black rice for only one day.,,,my pain and swelling has gone from a 10 to a 2...unbelievable..my wife still not sure of what i am trying to tell her but instead of taking 6 pills a day in the last 2 days i have take only 4 that is 8 pills less and i am able to move around alot better,,with less pain....again...only into my second day.....will keep on eating black rice.

Marj Joyce wrote on Aug 16, 2013
since eating black rice (i take the extract also) the awful bloating,intestinal pain has gone, only if i forget & eat wrong.

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Bee Blanco wrote on Feb 28, 2014
love the benefits of having black rice.tried to replace from white rice. really i am now.

cloefeotrebor wrote on Apr 01, 2014
awesome black rice. it manages weight lose

Uyba wrote on Aug 12, 2014
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Margaret (aka Marj) Joyce wrote on Oct 23, 2014
since being treated for macular degeneration beginning over 2 yrs. ago. i have been eating organic black rice.add i to my home made chicken soup. just on hand to eat any way, with any thing. it i wonderful. cooks up so soft, my entire family loves it. easiest best way to get my fiber. i also have ibs. other products ball up in side of me, work only for short time. my oldest son who just had a bad heart problem from neglecting an irregular heart beat. was deathly sick, in hosp. 2 wks. i am having him eat black rice. my eye dr. so pleased with 20/20 vision both eyes after shots in r.one for mac.d. said "keep in eating that black rice " too among other things.

peng soh wrote on Jan 09, 2015
which country does the non glutinous black rice variety grown in, and from which region of that country or countries please?

ken lewis wrote on Jan 20, 2015
i just heard of black rice today and are readin this and am impressed. i live in philippines for 6 months every year andthe rice is grown here in the island of mindanao it is readk=ly available here its the same price approxametly as white rice i will cimment as soon as i tryblack rice and leave a comment at a later date

Kent kee wrote on Jan 26, 2015
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Queenett wrote on Dec 26, 2015
i just heard about black rice.can i get it in nigeria?

P j wrote on Mar 04, 2016
omg... this rice i wonderful... i have knee problems... told my husband how much better it feels since eating black rice.. i make a sausage fried rice...add onions green & purple onions.. 1 egg and delicious it is...try it you won't be disappointed ... pj

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Angela wrote on Jun 06, 2016
black rice bran, capsules and flour:

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