Black Rice: the Emperor's Rice

Published on Sep 06, 2010


It’s kind of difficult to imagine the archaic times of the ancients when comfortable living was reserved for royalty or only a few lucky individuals. Yes, it’s very hard to picture a time when something as simple as stealing a few handfuls of Black Rice would result in being put to death. Yet that’s exactly the way it was according to the history books. Black Rice is also known as “forbidden rice”, and as the name might imply, consuming it without approval from the proper authorities can have life threatening consequences for those involved. Luckily, we no longer live in times of Black Rice prohibition.


The natural healing power and goodness of black rice has been very well noted in modern times. Loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin E, Fiber, and valuable anti-inflammatory properties, this special rice is truly remarkable in its abilities. In ancient China Black Rice was set aside specifically for the Emperor and / or the royal family, regular people weren’t allowed anywhere near the stuff. Much has been written recently about the studies linking antioxidants to anti-aging. What’s really incredible about Black Rice is the fact that it contains even more antioxidants (per serving) than blueberries; which are famous for their anti-aging properties.


The Emperor says, “Hands off the black rice! It’s mine.”


In ancient times, Emperors reserved this wonderfully nutty rice for their own consumption because it was thought that it would extend their lives; actually, it seems they weren’t that far off the mark. Black rice does provide many health benefits that we are just finding out about now; including prevention and treatment of very serious ailments. Avoiding diseases and conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others is surely a great way to extend the length and quality of your life.


In addition to its healing and nutritious qualities, it would seem that Black Rice was also considered to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac at one time. It is highly likely that the Emperors down throughout the ages probably shared their Black Rice stock with their consorts or concubines.


Black Rice is surely ‘one of the’… if not ‘the most’ special breeds of rice that are cultivated on Earth. Its special, near medicinal values are truly stunning, even today with all of our medical knowledge and tools Black Rice is the kind of food that can save your life. Now every time you set down to enjoy a few servings of this awesome super food, you can remind yourself that you are eating something specifically reserved for kings.

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